The Law Firm of Advocate Marcin Gajewski was founded in 2008. It is a modern law firm providing services based on both the model of a traditional advocate law firm drawing upon the ethos of advocate’s work and any modern means supporting the management and communication. At present, the Law Firm of Advocate Marcin Gajewski is a significant law firm in Wrocław and the area of Lower Silesia.

High quality of services rendered by the Law Firm in the area of comprehensive private advisory services reflects high qualifications of the team of lawyers and entities cooperating with the Law Firm. Furthermore, the Law Firm cooperates on a regular basis with other advocate law firms in Poland and it is constantly developing. It has established cooperation with law firms outside the borders of Poland. Owing to the expansion of our coverage, our Clients may count on advisory services in issues related to the Polish and Community law.

The Clients of the Law Firm constitute state and foreign entities running their activity in many areas, in particular renewable energy, timber industry, music industry and the distribution of goods and services.

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